Education sector in Dubai

Higher education institutions in Dubai are either branch campuses of international universities or private universities located inside or outside Free Zones. In addition, there are three campuses of federal institutions, which mainly cater to Emirati students seeking tertiary qualifications. Dubai’s higher education institutions offer a wide range of programmes, including vocational diplomas and higher diplomas, and degrees at associate, bachelor, master and doctoral levels. The Emirate currently has more than 43,000 college students from over 60 different countries and this has created a rich and varied learning environment.

Dubai is considered a regional hub for trade, tourism and business at the intersection of the East and the West.
Similarly, Dubai’s reputation as a regional hub for good-quality higher education is growing amongst the business
community and aspiring tertiary students.

With the addition of new institutes in 2011, Dubai now has the highest number of international branch campuses in
the world. We also have the largest and most diverse group of faculty members and transnational students. Such a
diversity offers the potential for a unique student experience that opens the door for links into global networks.

Dubai’s higher education institutions are providing Emirati nationals and expatriates with the higher-level skills and
abilities to sustain the future growth of Dubai’s economy. My team and I are looking forward to the journey ahead
and to welcoming a growing number of students into an ever-increasing number of courses and institutions.

From: Knowledge and Human Development Authority

Freezones of Education in Dubai